Our Team

Our Team

At Lanta Muay Thai Academy, our team are experts at what they do. Our Muay Thai trainers have fought hundreds of professional fights all over the world, our Personal Trainers are highly qualified with certifications from the American Council on Exercise, while our in-house Thai chefs prepare delicious Thai meals using recipes that have been handed down for generations.

We take pride in offering a real community atmosphere, with most of our team and trainers living on site with their families – as our guest, we invite you to become part of the family!

Some of our team only work during high season, however during your stay here’s some of the faces you’re likely to see:



The Lanta Sport Resort Team

Our head trainer, Bang, has been training at Lanta Muay Thai Academy since the facility was built. With 18 years experience teaching and practicing Muay Thai in America, Europe and Asia, Bang is the perfect fighter to lead our team of trainers.

Aek, or “Papa Muay Thai” as he’s affectionately known, has over 30 years experience teaching Muay Thai and at 52 years old can still be watched today taking down opponents in the ring with his infamous elbow knock outs!

Wut started training not long after he started walking and at 29 years old he already has over 20 years experience in the ring. After over 200 professional matches and winning champion belts through televised tournaments, Wut’s low kick & elbow combo is a move you’ll want to take home!

A master of two arts, Ruslee has not only participated in over 100 Muay Thai fights professionally but is also very skilled at Western Boxing, having won a world championship belt for boxing in Japan – if you’d like to learn how to punch, you won’t find a better teacher!

From Buri Ram province, Art has been teaching the art of Muay Thai for over 7 years and knows how to put on a show in the ring after fighting in over 250 professional fights – if you see him in a match, pay attention to his knees; he’s famous for using them to knock out his opponents in the ring!

Another of our championship belt winners is Yut! Having participating in over 250 professional fights, Yut has also been featured in televised fighting events and has many tricks up his sleeve to keep opponents on their toes!

After training in Bangkok’s most prestigious gyms and perfecting his skills in Koh Tao, Samart joined the Lanta Muay Thai Academy with over 8 years experience and 120 professional fights. Like Papa Muay Thai, Samart prefers to use his elbows to deliver his final blow!

Originally from the nearby Trang province, Tuk has been teaching Muay Thai for 6 years and in his own career as a professional fighter has participated on over 200 fights – his opponents should remember to block their face, he’s specializes in fast high kicks!

Trip Advisor Favourite Slava is our in-house Personal Trainer. Having lived and trained all over the world, Slava is certified by the American Council on Exercise and specializes in weight loss, body weight exercises, injury prevention and HIIT training.


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